Children’s Circumcision Clinic in Newport, Cardiff, South Wales

The Dr Waheed Circumcision Clinic is a private provider of Circumcisions for children (boys) aged 1 week onwards living in and around Caerphilly, Newport and Cardiff, and throughout South Wales and South West England.

At the circumcision clinic, we provide full professional care and have for many years offered a reliable and accredited service. We realise that your son undergoing this procedure can be stressful, however we have thousands of satisfied parents and we aim to make your experience at the clinic as smooth and pain-free as possible.

What is circumcision?

Circumcision is a simple operation which removes the foreskin. The foreskin is the sleeve of skin around the tip of the penis.

Why is the operation necessary?

Circumcision may be performed for religious reasons. Medical reasons for carrying out circumcision include repeated infections of the foreskin. Why these things should happen in some individuals and not others is not known. There is also less risk of malignancy in the future.

What does the operation involve?

Firstly some anaesthetic cream will be applied around the penile area them your child will be given a local anaesthetic, similar to what the dentist uses so that the area around the foreskin will become numb.